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The Kama Sutra of Software Development

How outsource developers fail their clients – an insiders view

No one sets to fail in outsourcing and there in no grand conspiracy among vendors to fail, but it happens. Easy to read and humoroustimes, this paper reveals how others have failed in a way only an insider would know.
If you are considering outsourcing or have been burned, then this paper is a definite “MUST READ”.
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Software Prototyping & Proof of Concept

Software Prototyping often requires extensive technical research and novel solutions to problems. The ability to understand both the software purpose, algorithms as well as use case is what successful prototyping is all about.

This report thumbnails the processes and knowledge you need and we have learned.
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The one true path to outsourcing success

Anyone who tries outsourcing software can locate wide variety of experts, tools and rules for success. But behind every rule or tool there is a horror story which focuses on avoiding their mistakes.
One major reason there are so many failures is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the outsourcing process. People search for the holy grail of outsourcing – a search for one right way to do it.

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Software Experts – Analysis and Design Process

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Zen and Myths of Software Outsourcing

In software outsourcing not everything is as it seems…

Magicians are a wonder to watch; even when you know what they are doing. Perhaps the most impressive thing is how easy they make it look.

The reason it looks easy is they have practiced; they made all the mistakes before they got it right. You just don’t get to see the mistake, if you are lucky.

Magicians make magic appear so easy. Competent outsourcing partners make outsourcing seem easy. So easy, in fact, you may even want to give it a try. Just like trying to do magic without practice, it doesn’t take long to figure out it is easy only when you know what you are doing.
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Business Justification for using Open Source Software

The Concept of using “Free and Open Source Software” [FOSS] V. Proprietary Software Raises a host of questions from cost to migration options, from compliance to security.
The following is an analysis or feasibility study regarding exploiting closed source software platform vs open source software. This study presents general overview of the open source platforms and current tendencies using Free and Open Source Software .

This report is focused or referenced on government and military simply because their references are open and available, while internal corporate policy is often unavailable for public scrutiny. The justification for FOSS in the military is clearly transferable to adoption in the private sector.
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Adaptive Software Licensing

Adaptive Software Licensing With Business Rules can power up Previously Untapped Sales Opportunities

Adaptive licensing allows vendors and clients to incorporate business rules to generate new sales opportunities and strengthen enterprise control over how software is secured and used.

“It is piracy, not overt on-line music stores, which is our main competitor” Steve Jobs.Apple CEO

The ‘Economics of Software’ has been in a slow migration from its early days as a capital investment, to that of a commodity purchased off-the-shelf to disposable consumable like electricity. The value of software is shifting from the tool itself to that of the result it produces. For software vendors investing in new products when IP protection uses archaic license management systems to better protect their IP is on a “fool’s errand.”
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