Sugar CRM for Health Insurance

We developed a system for a health insurance company wanting to manage a huge number of potential customers for insurance plans.

The company has a calling center where insurance agents can contact potential customers. Customer demographics are populated into SugarCRM then automatically assigned to a call center agent. Once the potential customer contact has been established, the agent can request insurance application information and record it into a custom Sugar form. This application form will be passed to users that can process and finalize the insurance request (verification, payment tracking).

Because SugarCRM is structured in modules, we had to clone existing Sugar modules to meet the more robust requirements than those offered on Sugar.

Normally leads are introduced in the system from CSV files, but the client wanted a way to provide customers a web interface to apply for an insurance product and have it populate the CRM. We created PHP forms that used Sugar web services to populate application data and record the lead source, location etc.

Technology summary

SugarCRM 4.5 (Open Source version), MySQL, PHP, HTML, Javascript

Finished: 2006
Duration:10 months
Team Size:2 developers