SOA based Activation Management Server

Uniloc Corporation is the technology and innovation leader in electronic physical device recognition. As the technology world migrates value to “the cloud” via SaaS, Virtualization, VPN’s , VOIP and Web 2.0 adoption, it is fundamental that the internet’s connected ‘edge’ be securely identified to control access to online services and ensure the privacy of data sent over public networks.

Our involvement
Developed activation management server platform that is based on Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ). It allows to provide centralized management of system wide settings and expose core services to other subsystems via Web Services.

Flexible Licensing Models and Rules :
– Broad set of license models including feature-based, subscription, pay-per-use, and more
– Secure and flexible trial programs, including use time, runs, dates, or other options for expiring trials
– Licensing model and rules can be varied throughout the product lifecycle.

Best End-User Experience :
– Tolerance based on Uniloc’s patented PDR makes uniquely flexible hardware fingerprinting possible
– Vary licensing rules and enforcement over the product lifecycle
– Self-service license retrieval, activation, and optional de-activation

Scalable Back-End Infrastructure :
– Easy-to-use hosted activation server with secure, web-based administration
– Reliable hosted infrastructure for high availability and scalability
– Web services-based API for easy integration with existing business systems
– Multi-tenant architecture with comprehensive reseller and user-management system

Best-of-Breed Reporting and Analysis :
– Best and broadest licensing reports on product activations, degree of usage, compliance and piracy
– Exclusive feature-usage reports to provide visibility into how the features of your application are being used by your customer base
– The best hardware profiling in the industry
– Hardware reporting presents aggregate user-hardware statistics
– Alerts warn you immediately when there is abnormal license-key activity

– Activation management server prototype delivered on-time and within a budget allowing to plan precisely development road-map and product initial release.

Technology summary

Java Server Faces, Hibernate, Axis Web Services API, OpenLDAP, MySQL
OS : Windows, Linux, Mac OSX