SharePoint Components

Process of integrating components:

Web Parts
DB Data grid
Master/detail grid to work directly with data in DB.
Also supports editing/viewing data from DB table via interface similar to SharePoint list editor:

OLAP viewer
Similar to Excel Pivot table light weight OLAP viewer with ability to drill to details in specified list of dimensions (configurable).

Navigation web part

WebPart UI for OnBoarding process – i.e. creating for new employee active directory account, assign to AD groups, SharePoint groups, add new employee to company Contacts list.

SendForm Workflow
Workflow for custom formatted email messages using XLST transformation for InfoPath forms like “Daily Status Report”, “Weekly Project Report”, and others. The main advantage is that emails sent by this workflow are well formatted and automatically are sent to all required attendance. Also supports roles specified as additional field in site Contacts list .

Document Types
Checklist Template & Checklist
We have added CheckList type to SharePoint to allow tracking of checklist for any activity. Includes many Check List templates that can be easy reused. In particular checklist user can add additional checks that need to be checked.
For instance if you need to always check your delivery to not miss instruction, and you need to verify what have been checked when delivery was performed. See screenshot below.

Allows users to preview InfoPath or any XML based SharePoint content from SharePoint without need to use InfoPath application or Forms server.

Technology summary

C#, SQL, XML JavaScript; AJAX; SharePoint 2007, ASP.NET, MS Visual Studio.NET 2005/2008