We recognize that good software developers are only good software developers. Running a business requires a very different skill set than writing code. Management and oversight are the critical components to reliable project completion.

This is what makes SWX special.

Software Experts provides a dedicated administration here in the US to compliment our overseas development administration offices. We let the developers focus on coding and we handle the administration oversight. We are the interface between our clients and the developer. This is important because you can call a US based, English speaking agent during East Coast business hours. This is your risk management tool!

We work closely with our developers by providing them oversight resources to free them to focus on writing elegant solutions. We deliver on-time by employing the best management practices and constant oversight. We keep an eye on best practices.

Software Experts actually is involved in the business logic as well as the application logic. We are constantly reviewing current management practices, communication skills and metrics as a tool to keep productivity up and cost down. It is always less expensive to do things right the first time rather than paying the cost of failure.

We have a track record of performance. Please see our work profiles.

Why is partnering through Software Experts your best model for software development business?
We employ a results based management process with our developers, often with bonus for early delivery. This means our success is tied directly our ability to deliver quality. The better we do the more referral business we get. So we work especially hard to see our clients’ projects succeed. But we go much further than anyone else, we:

  • Consult and advise our clients on risk assessment,
  • Can negotiate performance guarantee work contract,
  • Work with our clients in the early stages of specification writing, (Statement of Work – SOW) and recommend different vendors with appropriate qualifications for comparative shopping,
  • Help create development plans, setting benchmarks and creating functional development strategies for such things as multi platform performance, load balancing, refactoring and future migration.

Please see samples of an SOW and WBS

We are your full time advocate, saving our clients many thousands of dollars by delivering greater results than they could realize by doing it themselves. Because this is all we do, we know what to do and how to do it. We produce significantly better results for less investment.

We are experienced business professionals who know what it takes to do things right the first time.

We at Software Experts pride ourselves in delivering quality product to our clients, and most importantly, exceeding expectations.

When you team with Software Experts you will reduce the risk and improve your ROI.

We are the 500 pound gorilla you want on your project.