Security Management Console

The Client is the innovative leader in vulnerability and security research, providing solutions for businesses and users protecting systems and intellectual property from compromise.

The company’s customers represent the largest deployments of vulnerability assessment and prevention technology in the private and public sectors. They protect the networks and digital assets of a growing network of more than 9,000 corporate and government deployments worldwide.

The rather complicated legacy management console and architecture required a redesign and implementation contemporary technologies.

Our Romanian partner is developing innovative tools, conforming to the same high business principles of security, yet improving user experience and performance, by means of modern technological and architectural approaches.

The management console provides centralized policy management, integrating attack-related information with host and network vulnerability assessment data, plus enterprise security reporting.

The long-term solution matured to a strategic partnership with the customer engaging several teams around a core of permanent positions for security projects, with a commitment to quickly scale up, or down, when necessary.

● The strategic partnership offers scaling flexibility to the client and excellent cost optimization.
● The new architectural approach and use of the latest technologies represent a solid foundation for the client’s production line.
● The new technological approach and the reimplementation will have a crucial role in improved performance of the products offered on the market.

Technology summary

Adobe Flex, MVC , .NET 2008 C#, Advanced HQL/SQL

Finished: December 2009
Duration:14 months
Team Size:7 .NET Developers, 3 Flex Developers, 3C++ Developers, 3 QA engineers, 1 Web Developer