CaseStudy_Public Administration Platform_Government app_DotNet and Javascript_1

Platform for Government and Local Administration

A tool for government employees to create information about services offered by the institution, to facilitate answering the questions from citizens, either by phone, online forms or by email.

CaseStudy_Content and Advertising project for the Retail industry_Java, DotNet_1

Content and Advertizing project for the Retail Industry

The software facilitates the creation and management of advertising content. This involves configuration, maintenance, storage and printing/displaying of different contents.

CaseStudy_Telecom Projects Dedicated Teams_MS DOT NET, Flex, Oracle, SQL, BI

Platform for Telecom Networks

The portal allows engineers, managers and executives across the organization easy access to their own data, as well as cross correlated data that paints a complete picture of their own environment, the customer’s experience, and any gaps between the two.


Exchange Web mail limited client

MS Exchange web based client implemented on Silverlight. Was implemented just as prove of concept of UI development and provide only limited functionality – read emails (including html) in Exchange folders.


Logic2020 web site on Silverlight

The logic 2020 web site made based on Silverlight.
Includes dynamic switching pictures, dynamic scrolling.


Silverlight Widgets

Silverlight clock, weather, Flickr widgets for your website or blog! Custom widget size, background and clocks orientation Skins support.


Sugar CRM for Health Insurance

System for a health insurance company wanting to manage a huge number of potential customers for insurance plans.


AIR Quality System

The web application is used internally to manage inspections and also to submit environmental data to the Environmental Protection Agency.


Online Financial Application for the Banking sector

The portal allows users to evaluate the expectation of being granted commercial credit, find out about strengths and weaknesses in their application so they may correct before filing.

CaseStudy_Security Management Console_Security industry_DotNet Flex QA_1

Security Management Console

The rather complicated legacy management console and architecture required a redesign and implementation contemporary technologies.

CaseStudy_Business software and reporting tool_Telecom_C#, Flex, Oracle, SQL Server

Business Management for IT & Telecom

Working with an existing application required detailed study of the application to meet user requirement to add new modules while preserving core functionality.

CaseStudy_Business Intelligence for Telecom_.NET, Oracle

Platform for Telecom Networks

The application is a web based portal targeting major wireless network operators across United States and Europe. It is a tool to provide operators with visibility and command over customer experience.


Warren Mell Images gallery on Silverlight

Dynamic image gallery site for Warren Mell includes horizontal scrolling images control, image gallery with virtual gallery rooms, moving between them, image preview.


SharePoint Components

Various SharePoint components covering different purposes.


SharePoint Documentum Integration

Integration external document management system Documentum and MS SharePoint Server, including WEB-parts and integration into SharePoint search system


Software Licensing Sharepoint Portal

The Community Central platform is the one point for asking about, sharing and discussing Volume Licensing and Product Licensing issues/topics.


SharePoint TProcess

Solution consist of SharePoint sites, lists and importing data from external sources as for Software development as for managing any type of projects.


Web portal for equipment maintenance

The expertise and business experience from DSDSYSTEM consultants enable better maintenance management practices through the implementation of CMMS provided by DSDSYSTEM.


Community Portal

JSFCentral is the leading community portal for managers, architects, and developers working with JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology.


Secure Web Services Platform and Portal

NetDev is an independent telecoms software developer and intelligent networks consultancy specializing in developing and integrating next-generation, carrier-grade applications and services for the communications marketplace.



The project NTSWinchas web client is based on WebGalileo Faces™ and was started to provide customers with the possibility to run their point of sale systems simply with standard browsers.


RedMax Web Management Suite

Redline Communications is the leading supplier of the world’s most advanced, performance-driven, scalable, and reliable fixed and mobile wireless broadband access and backhaul solutions.


EquipWatch standalone AJAX enabled web application

We found this simple concept so effective that additional technology was developed for many other applications. Soon, ShockWatch introduced the marketplace to a whole new class of products: Damage Prevention.


SOA based Activation Management Server

Uniloc Corporation is the technology and innovation leader in electronic physical device recognition.


SMS Services

The system gives a possibility to work with several WASP companies and several types of sms services at the same time. See screenshots for more information about functionality.


BBC online-warehouse

Brok Business Centre (BBC) is one of the first companies that offered European supply chain standards in the Ukrainian logistics market.



The System is a iPhone application that allows customers to view and collect bird sightings.



Our client set a goal to become the most visited site in the Ukraine for Extreme Sports. They wanted to use it to promote the sports-tourism and required their web-site to be full feature with all the up-to-date functionality available.



This project was a system focused on social interaction for cross cultural and multi lingual interaction employing audio-video-data exchange between clients of online teaching service.


Google Maps Widget

This Google Maps Widget allows site owners the tools for creating and managing markers and categories (marker types) (unique images for individual categories and markers), for searching places and points of interest.



Vaybee is a social network for highly focused on providing a close nit community for Turkish people who live in Germany. Vaybee members are a very interactive community with a common interest with both cultural interests and a desire to share their heritage.