Platform for Telecom Networks

The Client
The client is an American wireless technology company specialized in offering carrier-grade solutions that synchronize network analytics with business intelligence, delivering critical insights for communications providers. Our client’s platform and services arm operators with the information necessary to quickly enhance the customer experience and capitalize on key market trends, to drive innovation, increase revenue, and strengthen customer loyalty.

The application is a web based portal targeting major wireless network operators across United States and Europe.

The portal allows engineers, managers and executives across the organization quick access to granular data, as well as cross correlated picture of their own environment, the customer’s experience, and any gaps between the two.

It is a tool to provide operators with visibility and command over customer experience.

The Challenge
The main challenge of Business Intelligence (BI) lay in building a platform capable of extrapolating, correlating, and rendering, information from disparate sources in a standardized intuitive way. It provides decision making information from data stores across the functional organization departments. Highly scalable and adaptive to different customers and to different purposes required user level customization dynamics. Our Romanian team built this robust and scalable architecture with adaptive business logic that considers ‘hooks’ for easy modifications and future enhancements.

The result product provided:
● A series of successfully deployed complex R&D projects, which are today being used by telecom carriers across the globe.
● Our client took benefit of the Romanian quality and competitive cost by using our offshore dedicated development teams.

Technology summary

Oracle Database Server 10g & 11g, Oracle Spatial, Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer, ASP.Net 2.0 & 3.0, Windows Communication Foundation web services, Adobe Flex, AJAX, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 & 2008, Microsoft Business Intelligence suite – Integration, Analysis & Reporting Service

Finished: In progress
Duration:Since 2007
Team Size:+400 man-months