NTS is a leading expert in POS software and retail management systems.

Development, implementation and assistance of high-quality service systems for complex retail companies are what we mainly put our focus on. But particularly we and our costumers consider the integration of our solution to complex background systems and the corresponding know-how as the highest benefit of NTSwincash.

Our involvement
Accomplished support, consultancy services for our product, WebGalileo Faces™, integration with NTSWinchas web application.

The project NTSWinchas web client is based on WebGalileo Faces™ and was started to provide customers with the possibility to run their point of sale systems simply with standard browsers. The usage of JavaScript and other client side running code should be as less as possible. The project is based on the objective, to provide customers with a fat client look a like (as much as possible) point of sale web application, easy to deploy within the company and to external partners.

NTSwincash embedded cash desk – Solution preview

NTSwincash embedded cash desk is designed for use with SAP ERP Financials to meet business and technical requirements of Automotive Retail customers. With the online integration to SAP ERP, this application complies with today’s understanding of retail cash desk operations.

NTSwincash embedded cash desk key features :
– Terminal & cash register
– Cash register management, monitoring functions
– Integrated cash desk functions for SAP
– Supports multiple currencies
– Validation of credit card payments
– Receipt printing
– Validated suspension and cancellation functions
– Cash register & terminal management, monitoring functions

NTSwincash embedded cash desk enables centralised management of each single cash register terminal. A central back office allows setting all functions on a global level down to one cash desk terminal.

All relevant information can be found in the NTSwincash monitoring tool sorted by defined criteria, such as “terminal” – e.g., open items (open invoices, down payment requests, and credit memos). All information is shown in one single screen. For an ergonomic view, noticeable colours are used to point out all types of open items.

There is a range of user rights, which can be set in the cash desk regarding different approval limits and many more functions.

– The core business activity of stationary and mobile Retail Management(point of sale) Systems were integrated quickly and flexibly in enterprise and international IT concepts for enterprise resource planning, accounting and administration.

Technology summary

JavaServer Faces, WebGalileo FacesTM, Spring, JDO 3rd party implementation, ACEGI security framework, Drools rules framework, JSR-168 compatible java portal