This project was a creative skills challenge even though the specs looked easy.

Our client set a goal to become the most visited site in the Ukraine for Extreme Sports. They wanted to use it to promote the sports-tourism and required their web-site to be full feature with all the up-to-date functionality available. The challenge wasn’t the technology but weaving it all together to create a tapestry for a rich user experience with dynamic tools for ease of use. ‘Intuitive and powerful’ was the underlying theme while rich and enjoyable was the user level requirement.

We delivered on our promise of on target, on time and on budget. “Extremeparty” (the client) members have a wide range of features to choose from: social networking, videos, photos, chat, music, groups, events, blogs and also: latest activity feature, member profile pages, friends, messaging, email notifications, RSS support, etc.

Public URL


Technology summary

Community Portal;
Drupal, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, XML

Finished:in progress
Duration:5 month
Team Size:2 developers