BBC online-warehouse

Brok Business Centre (BBC) is one of the first companies that offered European supply chain standards in the Ukrainian logistics market.

The first challenge of BBC was to systematize and track items in order to help their client reduce shipping and storing costs. Today that is expanded into organizational, business and managerial rules based on conceptual approaches and an understanding what “logistics” for the end user client:

– Consolidation services
– Transport logistics
– Warehousing logistics

We developed the web-based front-end application (user interface) for BBC’s logistics ERP system which allows integration of legacy applications and contemporary systems to work as one. This front-end provides BBC’s client’s end users to track order status, receive online assistance and use powerful self-service tools for a truly rich end user experience. To broaden BBC’s potential market base across more clients and applications an XML API was developed to help BBC’s clients’ information systems integration into BBC’s ERP.

Public URL

Not Available – Intranet

Technology summary

Web Application, Intranet;
PHP, ZendFramework, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, HTTP, 1C

Duration:4 months
Team Size:2 developers