Meet the Chief

Paul is responsible for bringing success to a select number of software developers.

His experience in international business is highlighted with a successful track record with Addressograph’s Documentor Division – Pacific Area, RCA and Univac’s early store-and-forward (precursor to todays email) in Asia, Wang Asia Marketing Support Manager. He led the sales team to #10 on Elance and over a million dollars in sales in just 3 years.

His vision and has always been that computers are to serve people not the other way around. He is an experienced high ticket – high tech professional with a domestic and international track record including VAR development. He can transcend technology into human terms:

Regarding technology: New software and hardware must function and be competitive. It must serve and improve the users experience. Learning software is not the end, it is the means to improving our buyers ROI. Developers are often educated in technology, not business, and have a language which is industry specific. Paul speaks that language as well as the language of business.

On the human side: Buyers can range from techno-phobes to techno-geeks. They may be entry level operators, executives, managers and accountants, all these buyers need to be included in the process. They need not understand the technology only how to use it and what the benefits are. Paul speaks tech and business on your terms.

Paul communicates with a demonstrated cross cultural adaptability and over 20 years experience promoting leading edge technology at the executive level. His published articles date back to the 1970’s on issues related to computer implementation. But more than communications and culture, Paul has a record of performance in high end and technical products and services sales. He understands the bottom line of hardware/software solutions and associated services in our extremely competitive global economy.

His interests are broad and include information and imagaing management. He was President of the Florida Chapter of AIIM for 2004~2006.

To put Paul to work for you, or to ask a question, send a memo to Paul our contact page.