Executive Summary

While offshore outsourcing is a powerful tool to cut costs, improve performance, and refocus on your core business, offshore outsourcing initiatives often fall short of management’s expectations.

Businesses are running the risk of entering into duff IT outsourcing contracts by failing to conduct a rigorous enough evaluation of the potential vendor risks, according to new research.

Deloitte Consulting LLP. Published a study, “Calling a Change in the Outsourcing Market,” which reveals that 70 percent of participants have had significant negative experiences with outsourcing… These are predominantly large corporations and the study is not just IT focused but, …one in four participants have brought functions back in-house… Moreover, 57 percent of participants absorbed costs for services they believed were included in the contracts with vendors. Nearly half of the study participants identified hidden costs as the most common problem when managing outsourcing projects.

We at Software Experts understand the issues and problems. We are the 500 pound gorilla who only hires qualified developers. We are your top level manager and advisor to help you successfully develop your application. But when we partner with you, we focus on meeting dest practices and standards. When you have a problem you call; we get proactively involved to insure everyone is in accordance with the agreements. Because of our position, we bring real pressure, much more than you alone can do, for compliance.

It is that simple.

How do we do it?

We are a major business gateway for our development partners and leverage our buying power.
• We control quality through oversight and management.
• Timely delivery because we use powerful communications protocols to manage.

We are your 500 pound gorilla!