About Us

Software Experts (SWX) is best defined as a US based Administrative offices for overseas development. We are a joint venture with our European partners. We partner with the best software vendors with the best skills who leverage our clients demands to get them the best ROI.

In software buying – SWX is your 500 pound gorilla!

Our primary purpose is to partner, consult and advise software buyers in reduce their risk exposure, and provide top level software development.

We have produced a number of papers to help our clients including:
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We have a lot of leverage!

SWX brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in international business. Our experience includes legal, computer software, customer relations and negotiation in high tech arenas. Our technical resources are established and proven as competent in both code and business ethics. Only only those who meet our requirements will be hired. We constantly monitor and track them and our client’s project.

We participate and provide development oversight.

Our staff has an enviable track record of performance successfully bringing clients to the top of the industry. We are unique in our knowledge and experience in outsourcing and have a special opportunity to confidently deliver resources to you which are otherwise invisible to you. We don’t bid, broker or shop jobs like others who claim expertise. Rather we are your proactive agent working full time on delivering your product.

Everyone at SWXPERTS has an absolute imperative and obligation to represent our clients for their benefit and maximum business value from the global markets.

SWX is not a generalist, rather we are specialists. We are your consultant to help you leverage the risk and reward ratio. SWX is your 500 pound gorilla to make sure your project goes as planned.

For more information please contact Alex Ponomaryov, our resident project manager.